Indeed IRX
Helped create an explainer video/ad for Indeed's new "Indeed Recruiter Expansion" feature, which helps you transfer candidate data from Hosted Jobs and Indeed Resume.
Mail Chimp
Helped animate, edit and export various videos for Mailchimp's ad campaign.
Helped Amazon composite, resize, edit, and animate elements of various Freevee videos for their launch campaign. Freevee is a new streaming service launched by Amazon.
Cameo Icon Designs
Designs completed for Cameo for their celebrities social media campaigns.
"Tick Tock" by Young Thug Music Video
Created Animation and Illustration under the direction of Emil Nava for Young Thug's music video "Tick Tock". Worked closely with to create work.
LIT Video Books
I was able to create some illustration and animation for LIT Video Books. I worked specifically on their audio/video book called "Profit First" by Mike Michalowicz.
What, to the Slave, Is the Fourth of July?
Created an educator explainer video for the Flocabulary Brand under the direction of the education company NearPod. The video goes into detail about the contents of Fredrick Douglass's famous speech "What, to the Slave, Is the Fourth of July?" Click the gif below to link to the full video on the Flocabulary website
Posted up series
A series of characters all "posted up"
Does your chain hang low
The Dawg Pound
A personal gif Illustration I made
On His Own Planet
The kid is on his own planet, outside the realm of you and I, protecting his own. His moon, the vigil of light and dark surrounding him is also his ancestor, always watching for danger.
Self Made
The Lavender Street Crew
A dangerous and spunk mafia crew
Street Cat
An original character, named Scat the street cat
Domination of the world
I made a series of illustrations about the end of humanity and what creature takes over after humans are gone.
Prop Design
A collection of prop designs
Copy of Bling Boy Gif
A personal illustration/gif project, a meditation of sorts. Play the video to hear the music!
A World Afloat
This is Ollie, a character I co-created with another student for a pitch bible we have created. All character design and illustration seen completed by me.
Rona and Super Fauci
A Captain Underpants inspired pitch bible about corona and the super hero we all need
Bushranger Grasshopper
Copy of Kast Kids(Motion Graphics)
Animated character intro for a Clients custom characters. Did not create characters.
Too Cute (Audio Animation)
A rough short animation. I was tasked with creating an animation simply based on the random audio that you hear.
Copy of The Athletic Training Room
A small motion design intro project for a client to show off their new brand "The Athletic Training Room"
Character design and walk cycles created for a character concept. His name is Snatch
Life Drawing
The Masters (Character Design)
This is character design based off of this descriptive quote of a Master. Design inspired by African royalty and customary fashion
The Space Between (work in progress story board)
A work in progress story board for a short animation I am currently working on about two astronauts.
The Spector of Judgement
A reimagined character design of the Egyptian gods Maat and hellhound Ammit.
A West Tale
Concept sketches and character design for a short animated film synopsis. The story involves two characters, with both older and younger versions on themselves.
Rivers Edge Animatic
A short animatic based on a scene from the 1986 film "River's Edge"
Big Catch Storyboard
The Sacrifice (WIP)
A storyboard for a current work in progress animation
Negative gifs
Armadillo rough animation
A rough animated character study of an armidillo
The ball
Worm rap
A collaborative short animation with two other students about a rap battle between a worm and a bird
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