No Op Left Behind
16 X 20 Oil and Acrylic on canvas
"The Baby wants Candy"
20x 20 Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
Does your chain hang low
Outsiders-Cover Art
The cover art for Jake Puglisi's new single "Outsiders". All design done by me
On His Own Planet
The kid is on his own planet, outside the realm of you and I, protecting his own. His moon, the vigil of light and dark surrounding him is also his ancestor, always watching for danger.
Radiance Painting series
A series of personal paintings about radiance and black self worth.
The Athletic Training Room
A small motion design intro project for a client to show off their new brand "The Athletic Training Room"
Venom In My Roots
An original piece, available as a print on the Alpha'a site
The Dawg Pound
A personal gif Illustration I made
Iced Smile
This piece is made to highlight the magic in black people, from the iced out jewelry we rock, to the sinister grins we put on. My art is about embracing being demonized as I believe that’s what makes us so beautiful. Play the video to hear the music!
Posted up series
A series of characters all "posted up"
Pharcyde 01-Painting
18 x 24 Acrylic on Canvas
The Kidz
Evil Eye
A personal piece done on scratchboard
Fleece (Mock Album cover)
An original piece I created, available as a print on the Alpha'a site.
Amber and Byron's Wedding
Darkest and Dim
Self Portrait
HooDou Black Panther
A personal pen and ink drawing of the iconic Black Panther, redone in my own style. A reflection of the times and the recent George Floyd sparked riots.
Dead Souls: An American Poem illustrations
Inked Cubes
A series of small pen and ink drawings of various cubes.
A charcoal drawing done for the first assignment of my sophomore painting class
Bling Boy Gif
A personal illustration/gif project, a meditation of sorts. Play the video to hear the music!
Location Illustration
Created an engaging cover Illustration for SO4P’S new music single called Location available on all streaming platforms.
An early personal piece I created about masking emotions. Play the video to listen to the music!
Dont Trip
A piece completed for a freshman design class assignment in which we were supposed to take a predetermined article and make art based off of it. My article was a summary of the Israel-Palestine conflicts and the key players within.
Ice Cream flavors
Custom Flavors of ice cream I created. Which flavor is your favorite?!
Self Portrait
A self portrait completed for my freshman drawing class
Still life
The Sidewalk
Sticker Packs
A piece highlighting the fear that goes through African Americans when law enforcement is present
New Yorker Cover
A mock New Yorker cover
Devils lettuce
An illustration for the assignment "make a devils farm"
Red and Blue
An illustration for the first assignment of my visual thinking class in which we were given a word and told to make a piece based off that word. My word was "Across". I used the meaning of this word in all aspects of the artworks design. For example when critiqued by my teacher and classmates I put both pieces at opposing sides of the wall. The colors, red vs blue also display across, this time through the color wheel. The occupations of the subjects, one a police officer, and one of a street gangster, highlight their boundaries across the law. Finally their eyes which are different types of religious crosses highlight their race, as the crosses found in the police officer is of European origin, while the crosses found in the gangsters eyes are of African origin.
A piece created for my visual strategies class in which I came up with a word and illustrated it. My word was elevate
Baby Self portrait
A charcoal drawing from my freshman drawing class from the assignment "make a portrait with something unexpected in it"
Jabberwocky Card
A piece based on the famous poem "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carrol done in my visual thinking class
Kim Wei Kitchen
An illustration done for the assignment "take three cubes and make a logo"
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