The Lavender Street Crew
A dangerous and spunk mafia crew
The Spector of Judgement
A reimagined character design of the Egyptian gods Maat and hellhound Ammit.
A World Afloat
This is Ollie, a character I co-created with another student for a pitch bible we have created. All character design and illustration seen completed by me.
Too Cute (Audio Animation)
A rough short animation. I was tasked with creating an animation simply based on the random audio that I was given first.
Domination of the world
A project is which I made a series of illustrations about the end of humanity and what creature takes over after humans are gone.
Character design and walk cycles created for a short animated project I am currently working on
Bushranger Grasshopper
Big Catch Storyboard
The Masters (Character Design)
This is character design based off of this descriptive quote of a Master. Design inspired by African royalty and customary fashion
Bling Boy
Armadillo rough animation
A rough animated character study of an armidillo
A West Tale
Concept sketches and character design for a short animated film synopsis. The story involves two characters, with both older and younger versions on themselves.
The ball
The Sacrifice
A storyboard for an in process animation
Worm rap
A collaborative short animation with two other students about a rap battle between a worm and a bird
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